Upon receiving bids.

Once NE Prairie Grain receives firm bids from our accredited buyers they are then forwarded on to the producer. Producer's then decides whether the price, buyer and movement time frame meets expectations. If so, NE Prairie Grain writes up a contract between both parties and follows up with both parties till contract is completed and payment received.


Contact our office and consult with a commodities broker.

NEPG consults with producers and takes note of the commodities, quantity, quality, and location of product and goes to work for the producer to find the best bids available. NEPG only sources grain for credited and secured buyers.

How it Works

What we do for you, brokerage division

         ​​North East 

    Prairie Grain Inc.

Benefits to working with a Grain Broker.

There's no cost to contact our office to see what price we can obtain for you. Having a trusted broker and grain trader on your side can take lots of the headache and stress off a producers shoulders because we are on top of the markets daily and will help you obtain the best price at time of sale.

North East Prairie Grain Inc. is a member of:

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Association

Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission

Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission

Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission

Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission

Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission

About us

North East Prairie Grain

North East Prairie Grain Inc. was founded by Devon Ernst in 2014. Devon has been involved in the grain industry for many years working with various grain and commodity trading companies gaining the experience, 

knowledge and contacts necessary to operate a successful independent commodity merchandising & trading firm. North East Prairie Grain Inc. has solidified itself as a trusted choice for prairie producers to get their grain to market and looks to continue to grow it's services and brand in the years to come!