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    Prairie Grain Inc.

North East Prairie Grain Inc. is partnered with Ken Kunz of KND Feeds Ltd. and working together we distributes Soymeal and Soy Oil to livestock producers throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. We sell Full Fat Soymeal, Soymeal (6% oil) & Soy Oil. For further information on these products or inquire on delivery price please contact our office: 1(306)873-3551 or email neprairiegrain@gmail.com

Extruded Full Fat Soymeal Specs:

Min. Crude Protein: 36%

Max. Crude Fat: 20%

Max. Crude Fiber: 6%

Max. Moisture: 8%

Ingredients: Ground Whole Soybeans

Customer Feedback:

  Just thought I'd write you a short note to let you know how the full-fat soymeal is working in our barn. On the sow side of the barn I have had to cut the feed back in the gestation barn by a pound per sow per day because they were getting over-conditioned. Where I was feeding 6-7 lbs a day, I am now feeding 5-6 lbs a day and they were keeping conditioned nicely. Sows also look a lot sleeker and shinier. As we had just moved to 4 week weaning from 3 weeks when we started using the full-fat soymeal, it is hard to say if there is any difference in weaning weight. But the sows do have full udders and are milking very nicely.

  The nursery pigs took to it right away and are eating and growing nicely. In the grower and finisher barn the biggest changes we noticed there was no drop in weight at all during the hot summer months and our days to market dropped. When we started on it was at the same time Maple Leaf pulled Paylean off the table and we never noticed a drop in weights at all. Our dressed weight was at 99 kgs when we stopped using Paylean and started using full fat soymeal and stayed at 99 kgs. Pigs are also going to market 2 days earlier then before which is very significant. If there are barns that have limited finishing space I would advise them to try it. With this product in our barn we now have more finishing space since thee hogs are moving out in less days. keep this product coming.

More customer feedback to come!

Chicken, Turkey Broiler's, Swine, Dairy and Livestock Producer's: Soybeans grown throughout the prairies are used for protein meal production. Full Fat Soymeal contains high fat levels and is a good source of all the essential amino acids. Full Fat Soymeal can be included in the diets of pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and horses of all ages.With the high fat levels Soymeal can be used as a source of linoleic acid for laying hen feeds and contributes to egg weight and grading of the eggs. Soymeal is sometimes referred to as the "gold standard" because it is rich in highly digestible protein, and the protein is composed of a superior blend of amino acids, the building blocks of body protein for livestock and poultry. For additional information or to place an order contact our office.

Full Fat Soymeal: Min. 36 - 42  MT order, protein min. 36%, Calcium min. 0.20%, Phosphorus min. 0.45%, Fat min. 20.00%, moisture 8%, Crude Fiber 6%